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Dr. Jan Vlček

Dr. Jan Vlček
Home Institution: University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague
Host Institution: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Institute of Nanotechnology
Dates of Visit: 20/06/2016 - 02/07/2016
Reference code: COST-STSM-ECOST-STSM-CA15107-200616-078684
Early Career Investigator? Y    
Young Researcher?  N   
Gender?  Male
Title of the work: Preparation and characterization of specific (n,m) SWCNTs for nano-carbon based electronics and opto-electronic applications

The main objective of the STSM at KIT-INT was to investigate the CVD growth of specific chiral (SWCNTs) single-walled carbon nanotubes (semiconducting tubes) with using a new kinds of nanocrystal catalysts based on polyoxometalates (POMs). As sub-objective the procedures of substrate preparation were established for successful and reproducible CVD growth at standard conditions. A Dip pen nanolithography as well as plasma treatment on substrate surface were involved.  CVD grown SWCNT were investigated by Raman spectroscopy as another sub-objective of STSM stay.
In terms of the MoU of COST Action CA15107 this research devoted to synthesis of specifically chiral - semiconducting SWCNTs fits to the Specific Objective - "Research Coordination 1. Low-cost manufacture process to make sufficient quantities of the nano-carbons in order to bring high-performance materials to the marketplace".

The procedure for reproducible testing of different catalyst for CVD growth of semiconducting SWCNTs involving oxygen plasma treatment hydrophilization was developed as the main result. On almost all samples there were visible evidences of semiconducting SWCNTs with visible RBM resonances visible in Raman spectra, positions of RBM signals varied with different POMs. Unfortunately the 785 nm laser in Raman setup was broken in time of STSM - cross investigation of RBMs at 532 nm and 785 nm was impossible.


After finishing additional characterization measurements the data will be considered for submitting as an article. Synthetized semiconducting SWCNTs open the new promising way of chemical sensing research with using carbon nanotubes at UCT Prague with cooperative collaboration with KIT-INT.


Dr. Jan Vlček would like to acknowledge all researchers from KIT-INT, who cooperatedand helped him with this research - especially to Dr. Masooma Ibrahim for hosting and providing POMs solutions and fruitful discussions, to Dr. Sharali Malik for introducing and supervising the CVD and Raman experiments and for helping to organize research at KIT, to Dr. Sylwia Sekula-Neuner for helping with oxygen plasma treatment of substrates and Dip-pen nanolithography, to Prof. Annie K. Powell and members of her group at KIT for fruitful discussions on research themes and establishing a new kinds of collaboration between KIT and UCT. Last but not least the additional funding, in addition to the STSM grant, from University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and Institute of Physics ASCR is gratefully acknowledged.

Claudio Larosa

Date: 1 - 31 July 2016

Home Institution:  University of Genoa

Host Institution: Riga Technical University